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"I like to describe PJ as the female James Taylor," Jess - Coal Yard, York, SC

The music has been described as acoustic...eclectic...refreshingly memorable, meaningful and fun. It's thought-provoking, emotion-evoking, genre-bending and just-got-to-sing-along kind of tunes.

PJ embodies the best of new folk music in her singing, songwriting, and finger-picking styles. She is an accomplished musician and songwriter who has a keen ear for great new music regardless of genre. Above all else, she is an entertainer. With her easy and engaging stage presence, she has a way of reaching out and pulling an audience in, one person at a time. PJ is a member of BMI.

2015 IMEA Nominee!

Time is running out! Voting is open for the IMEA Awards now until October 7th, and I'm up for Folk Album of the Year! Please go to & vote for "Home to Me - PJ Brunson"!

I would also appreciate your support for the following friends:

Shantell Ogden: Americana Album of the Year, Americana Song of the Year & Songwriter of the Year
Marcum Stewart: Male Country Artist of the Year, Country Album of the Year & Country Song of the Year
Alisa Star: Female Country Artist of the Year, Country Album of the Year & Country Song of the Year.
Barren Runes: Metal & Rock album
Thisbe Vos:
Album & Holiday Song of the Year

New Release

"Home to Me" is NOW AVAILABLE online!

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I am so honored to have made the Women of Substance Top 20 of 2014 List! To everyone who listened to, liked, and requested "Free to Choose", thank you! The song came in at #20 for the year! And to Bree Noble who made it all possible, my sincere thanks! You ROCK!

Women of Substance Top 20 of 2014 List

You can hear the podcast for Show #100 on iTunes on Wednesday April 8th at: While you're there, check out the other great podcasts and discover some great new music! This station plays some amazing music, all by women artists. So give them a listen and please vote for and request "Cold Tennessee Rain" and "Free to Choose" when you get a chance. Thanks so much!

Listen online or download their player at:  You can also tune in on your mobile phone. Just search for "Women of Substance" in your App store.

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