From the recording Long Road

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Recorded live at the Sylvia Theater, York, SC


It's All Right to Cry

It seems so long ago
And now so far away
But I still see your eyes
And the lines upon your face
Your smile so warm and tender
Your hand so big and strong
For I was small beside you
Always hanging on your arm


And it's all right to cry
But it's better when you sing
Often easier to remember
Than to chase an aging dream
And even now I think of you
And the songs you used to sing
And when I sing for someone else
I wonder can you see

You taught me all of life's harmony
When I was still too young to sing
And thought someday I'd learn to play
When the guitar still outweighed me
You never had a chance to see
The songs within my heart
Where somehow they grew up alone
And echoed in the dark


If you could sing with me right now
How sweet would be the sound
For they're simple honest love songs
And you were just that kind of man
From where you are I wonder if sometimes
You just might hear
For I can hear your harmony
Between my smiles and tears