“I must admit that your voice entertained my ears much like a rare port entertains my tongue. Smooth and rich with subtle flavors of nature.”  Cynthia E. Sacramento, CA

Imagine the lovechild of Joan Baez and Edwin McCain. Take a silky-smooth, sometimes-smoky alto voice, combine it with an unrivaled and impressive finger-picking guitar style. Add a long list of well-crafted, heartfelt original songs with very relatable lyrics and memorable melodies. Mix in unique and often gutsy interpretations of your most loved songs. Wrap it all up into a truly gracious performer who appreciates a discerning audience. And you’ve got PJ Brunson. But Brunson is not just any folksy-chick singer and picker, and should not be limited to the stereotypical folk singer category. She is an experienced, accomplished, versatile entertainer and performer who creates an atmosphere that is equally engaging whether people are singing along or listening with rapt attention.

Trio 2020

My sincere thanks to Shari Smith and Liz McKay for including me in the very last Trio collaboration. The project teamed an author with an artist and a songwriter for a unique three-dimensional creative endeavor. I had the honor of writing songs for two wonderful authors: Bobbie Pyron, who wrote the incredible young adult novel "Stay" about life in the homeless community; and Kimberly Sims Gibbs who wrote an amazing book of poetry "Lindy Lee: Songs on Mill Hill" about life in a North Carolina mill town. Even though the pandemic cut our planned tour short, the events we were able to hold were truly inspiring, and I was honored to get to know everyone who shared their incredible talent on this project.

Trio 2020 and Shari Smith at Working Title Farm

2015 IMEA Nominee!

Sincere thanks to the International Music & Entertainment Association for nominating my album, "Home to Me" for 2015 Folk Album of the Year. Even though I didn't win, it was still quite an honor, especially in light of the talented company in that category. Congratulations to Sonnet Cottage for taking the win. And thanks to everyone who took the time to vote and support me. I was humbled and filled with gratitude by your support.


Top 20 Indie Songs of 2014

I was so honored to have made the Women of Substance Top 20 of 2014 List! To everyone who listened to, liked, and requested "Free to Choose", thank you! The song came in at #20 for the year! And to Bree Noble who made it all possible, my sincere thanks! You ROCK!

Women of Substance Top 20 of 2014 List

You can hear the podcast for Show #100 on iTunes. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/women-of-substance/id939201604?mt=2. While you're there, check out the other great podcasts and discover some great new music! This station plays some amazing music, all by women artists. So give them a listen and please vote for and request "Cold Tennessee Rain" and "Free to Choose" when you get a chance. Thanks so much!

Listen online or download their player at: http://www.womenofsubstanceradio.com.  You can also tune in on your mobile phone. Just search for "Women of Substance" in your App store.