1. Home to Me

From the recording Home to Me

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Featuring Tom Hildreth on double bass and
Laurie Neal on violin.


Home to Me

I don’t think that I’ll forget
The first time our eyes met
You were sitting there
A stranger in the next chair
I said hello, you halfway smiled
I caught you look my way once or twice
And you were oh so cool
And babe I wanted you


With just one touch you brought me to my knees
Took my breath, my heart,
Oh can’t you see
You feel like home to me

We were traveling down two different roads
We went our separate ways but they’ve converged
And now here we are
It’s looking good so far
You give me calm, you give me peace
Your arms surround me like a satin sheet
You keep me safe and warm
My shelter from the storm


I’ve been waiting for you all my life
You’re the one I prayed for every night
And now you’re finally here
You know it seems so clear
No you’re not ever getting rid of me
I’m here to stay
You know I play for keeps
That’s how it’s gonna be
So don’t you ever leave