1. Promised Land

From the recording Long Road

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Recorded live at the Sylvia Theater, York, SC


Promised Land

Six o'clock in the morning
Got a cane pole in my hand
Sun is nearly on the rise
With Grandma and Granddad
First bite of the day
Seems is always on my line
I was only four years old
Living in the Promised Land


The Promised Land is light and love
And a safe warm place to land
Life was so much simpler then
Living in the Promised Land

My Daddy was a hero
When he pulled me from that lake
Third time I was going down
When he saved me from that fate
Once again on solid ground
And safe there in his hands
I was only five years then
Living in the Promised Land


Granddad left us early
He was Grandma's only man
She just joined him recently
Right after Daddy played his hand
Now Mama's in a hurry
And little brother don't understand
But I know we'll all meet again
There in the Promised Land