From the recording Long Road

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Recorded live at the Sylvia Theater, York, SC


Hello My Friend

Hello my friend
It's been such a long, long time
The world has changed
But you and I still look the same
Yes I'm still a dreamer
And I chase my rainbows through the skies
But I never seem to hold them very long


What do you do
When your dreams have all ended
And you're standing in a corner
While the tears fall from your eyes
And what do you do
When the rain comes too late
And the rainbows have all ended
Much too soon

The world has changed
But I still feel the same
It just keeps getting sadder
And the people growing older fast
But life goes on
Well that's what I've heard
Whether with you or without
And I guess it's true for how
Many time have I've wakened
From a nightmare that has lasted
Much too long
And the world has changed
Oh the world has changed


Stop the world
And the endless clicking
Of the clocks of time
I can't take it any more
Have you ever wished
You could go back through the years
There's so much I should have done
Before they slipped away
Now tell me


PJ Brunson