1. Trinity

From the recording Come Hell or High Water

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PJ Brunson: Acoustic guitar, vocals
Glen Alexander: Mandolin, fiddle
Hunter Kome: Cello
Tom Kuhn: Standup bass
Jack Lawrence: Lead acoustic guitar
Jim Brindle: Lyrics
PJ Brunson: Music



Taxi’s waiting, my suitcase is packed
A new sun is on the rise
Trembling fingers hold your cigarette
I see the fear in your eyes
You’re not happy with the thing I’ve become
Right now neither am I
Let’s find a moment to remember better times
Before we say our good-byes


Telegram told me I must be real discreet
Someone will meet me on Washington Street

Sante Fe winters are cold, I am told
The mountains are covered with snow
In my heart, winter’s already here
And it feels like it’s forty below
Others will join me, Oppenheimer and the rest
Many more that I should know
All our knowledge will soon culminate
In the deserts of New Mexico


The fourth angel destroys Babylon
With fire that rains from the sky
Innocent people may soon realize this fate
With never a chance to ask why
Please forgive me for the things I must do
It’s just my duty, I guess
Let’s just remember the good times we’ve had
Before I am put to the test


Telegram told me I must be real discreet
A woman will meet me on Washington Street