From the recording Come Hell or High Water

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PJ Brunson: Acoustic guitar, vocals
Glen Alexander: Fiddle
Donny Fletcher: Percussion
Danny Guyton: Mandolin
Tom Kuhn: Bass
Robert McClure: Lead acoustic guitar
Jim Brindle: Lyrics
PJ Brunson: Music


Marvel Mystery Oil

Grandpa was a technical man
A mechanic by trade
He worked on Buicks and Chevrolets
Outside in the shade
Of a big oak tree in the back of his house
When it rained, he worked in the barn
Some of my fondest memories
Are from granddaddy’s farm
Some said he was a genius
The way he made those engines run
But for him it didn’t seem like work
Near as much as fun
But he had a secret weapon
When they asked him he just lied
To everyone but his grandson
In me he did confide


“It’s that Marvel Mystery Oil
Cures the ills of your engine’s toils
Ain’t many things that work as well
As that Marvel Mystery Oil”

Now he poured it in their crankcase
And he added it to their gas
And it seemed the more he added
The longer they would last
Sometimes I would help him
I handed him his tools
But when they came to get their car
He’d say, “Remember the rules”


Grandpa had an old guitar
And I loved to hear him play
He’d play and sing on the front porch
At the end of every day
And as he played he sipped from a tin cup
That was sitting by his side
When I asked him what was in it
This he would reply


But that was a long time ago
Many years now he’s been gone
But my kids still love the stories
About him and his mountain home
And when I pour myself a shot
The kids all want to know
So I tell them the same story
He told me long ago
I say