1. Congaree

From the recording Come Hell or High Water

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PJ Brunson: Acoustic guitar, vocals
Glen Alexander: Fiddle
Donny Fletcher: Percussion
Tom Kuhn: Standup bass
Robert McClure: Lead acoustic guitar
Jim Brindle: Lyrics
PJ Brunson: Music



Six kids on a riverbank
Cat fishing and skipping stones
It's a poor kid's paradise
A land of Eden all their own
Swimmin' hole in the summertime
A swingin' vine in a tree
There's always something to see and do
Down here on the Congaree

Grandpa's sleeping in a rocking chair
front porch of a four-room shack
Blacktop running through the front yard
A rusted Chrysler in the back
The winds of change haven't blown through here
Since 1963
May be lot longer fore they come again
Down here on the Congaree

Papa's in from the fields again
He's got mud up to his knees
You'd think his harvest would feed the world
But the numbers disagree
Forty acres to plant and plow
A thirteen inch TV
Twenty year-old Cadillac
That's life on the Congaree

Nine people sittin' down for supper
Cornbread and pinto bean
Fatback fried up nice and brown
And a plate of collard greens
Rain pounding on tin roof
Drowns out the voice of poverty
We always seem to make ends meet
Down here on the Congaree

As I lay me down to sleep
I lay my earthly burdens down
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
Till the morning comes around
Cause that's when I'll get up to see
What lies in store for me
There's always something to see and do
Down here on the Congaree

This ain't no issue of black and white
It's just pure geography
The muddy water is colorblind
Down here on the Congaree

Lyrics: Jim Brindle
Music: PJ Brunson