1. Night Train

From the recording Come Hell or High Water

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PJ Brunson: Acoustic guitar, lead and harmony vocals
Glen Alexander: Fiddle
Donny Fletcher: Percussion, train whistle
Danny Guyton: Banjo, mandolin
Tom Kuhn: Standup bass
Jack Lawrence: Lead acoustic guitar
Jim Brindle: Lyrics
PJ Brunson: Music
Night Train won second in the Hank Williams Songwriting Contest at the Flat Rock Music Festival


Night Train

Not far from Heaven
And not far from Asheville
In the Blue Ridge Mountains
Among the tall pines
I yearn for my lover
Who's run off for Nashville
He's waiting at the station for that Southern train line


So night train
Night train
Go slowly round the bend
Roll slower than the
Whip-or-will flies
Hank said it first
Let me say it again
I'm so lonesome I could cry

The bees use the flowers
To make their sweet honey
It's a giving and taking
That's not meant to last
Well I've given and you've taken
My reason for living
When that train leaves the station
It's all in the past


It's cold in this cabin
As darkness surrounds me
The owls and the crickets
Seem to mock my dispair
You're down at the depot
With one suitcase standing
When I next hear that whistle
You'll no longer be there


Lyrics: Jim Brindle
Music: PJ Brunson