1. Maggies Eyes

From the recording Come Hell or High Water

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PJ Brunson: Acoustic guitar, vocals
Glen Alexander:Violin
Donny Fletcher: Rain stick
Robert McClure: Lead acoustic guitar
Jim Brindle: Lyrics
PJ Brunson: Music


Maggie’s Eyes

When Maggie lets her hair down
Really comes as no surprise
That a man could lose his sanity
From just looking in her eyes
Maggie’s eyes seem to sing you
A lonesome lullaby


And the rain comes ’cross the water
And the wind is in the trees
And the strain of Maggie’s lullaby
Is borne upon the breeze
Maggie’s eyes can paint a picture
In tones of blue and green
That take him to streams and meadows
In a place he’s never seen
And they seem to draw him in
And wrap him in a dream


And when Maggie’s feeling troubled
As people sometimes can
He holds her in his arms
Till he can make her whole again
It’s his plan to forge a bond
Her blues cannot withstand