1. Passion

From the recording Come Hell or High Water

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PJ Brunson: Acoustic guitar, lead and harmony vocals
Glen Alexander: Fiddle
Pamela Dale: Harmony vocals
Donny Fletcher: Percussion
Danny Guyton: Mandolin
Tom Kuhn: Bass
Jim Brindle: Lyrics
PJ Brunson: Music



I watched you throw your suitcase
Into your old Thunderbird
I stood behind the front screen door
And didn’t say a word
You drove out of our driveway
Down the road and out of sight
Have I the only empty heart
In an empty home tonight


When the passion burns away
There’s nothing left but ashes
No promise for another day
There was nothing more that I could do
There was nothing more to say
Nothing that would ever make you
Stay anyway
Our love was once a raging fire
Filled with passion and desire
A flame that burned as hot as steel
One that never would expire
But the flame it slowly dwindled
Until there was not a spark
Just a memory of its former self
Like a shadow in the dark



Could we have made it different
Found some new fuel for the flame
In another time, another place
Would it still have been the same?
By now you’re on the four-lane
Driving fast and heading South
As I pour myself a tall one
And wash the empty from my mouth
Two empty eyes stare back at me
From the mirror, by the light
Have I the only empty heart
In an empty home tonight