From the recording The Other Side (Part 1)

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Glen Alexander Violin
Mike Alicke Acoustic Lead Guitar
PJ Brunson Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
Diane Carrouth Cello
Tim Hartis Bass Guitar\
Erik deValk Engineer Sunbow Sound


Sweetheart's Arms

He turned the corner in his Ford
She was standing by the road
The prettiest blue-eyed blond
He'd ever seen
He was a brown-eyed handsome man
He reached for her
She took his hand
And that's the way they started
So I'm told


She'll been sleeping in her
Sweetheart's arms tonight
They'll be dancing by the light
Of God's pure light
For twenty years she's been alone
But tonight she's going home
And she'll be sleeping in her
Sweetheart's arms tonight

He took her home, made her his wife
For thirty years they shared a life
Four children, through the laughter
And the tears
She cooked his supper every night
While he sang by candlelight
And "Sweetheart" was the only name
He used

And he'll be...

He's been gone now forty years
Still his memory's so clear
In her heart those years
She's stayed right by his side
But now at ninety-four
She thinks she hears him at her door
And soon they will be side-by-side
Once more