From the recording Home to Me

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Written on the way to Nashville, TN in 1984. Features Glen Alexander on mandolin, Jessica Lynn backing vocals, Wane Marett on bass, and Donny Fletcher on percussion.


Cold Tennessee Rain

Carolina sun shines bright
When you’re by my side
But my mind goes traveling
To where Virginia hides you
And now I’m on a lonely road
Leaving you behind
And the cold Tennessee rain
Is all that I can find


Cold Tennessee rain
Keeps on coming down
And I keep thinking of you
Lost in the sound of a
Country lullaby
That I used to sing
When I first met you
There in Tennessee

I’m just a stranger
In this God-forsaken town
Where country hearts all
Gather to the sound
Of broken love songs
Hoping they’ll come true
I wish the Tennessee rain
Would take me back to you


Now I’m just a country girl
Who has to sing a song
And Love I’ve given you
All that I have owned
A country lullaby and a
Love song sweet and true
But in the Tennessee rain
They sound a little blue