1. Baby Why

From the recording Home to Me

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Featuring K deValk on harmony vocals, Donny Fletcher on drums, Dennis Neal on electric guitar, and Wane Marett on electric bass.


Baby Why

All I wanted was your honesty
It seems the one thing you could not give to me
Baby why, all your lies
I gave you everything that I had to give
And I hung on until the bitter end
Baby why…all your lies


And now it’s over but I can’t let go
There’s just one thing that I have to know
Baby why, all your lies
Why does the truth just seem so hard for you
What do I have to do to get it from you
Baby why, all your lies

I got tangled in your twist and turns
You know it seems like I may never learn
Baby why, all your lies
Now every story has a different spin
And it just seems like it will never end
Baby why, all your lies


Why is love so hard to find these days
Someone who comes along and wants to stay
And be true, like I do
Maybe there’s somebody out there for me
But it’s not you and so I’d best let it be
Baby why, all your lies