From the recording Home to Me

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Featuring Glen Alexander on violin and Tom Hildreth on double bass.


This Was Love to Me

Well you crossed my path one evening
And as you left you made me smile
Then down the road you took my hand
And walked with me a while
But now you want to tell me
That you’re not in love with me
Well this time we spent together
This was love to me

In your arms I felt safe and warm
You said you felt the same
We shared good times and laughter
We even shared life’s pain
But now you want your freedom
What you want is not with me
Well understand when you took my hand
This was love to me

Now life it’s sometimes funny
And love’s sometimes the same
I don’t know what you’re thinking
Or what I’m supposed to say
All I know is when you held me
In your arms so tenderly
There was never any doubt
This was love to me
No there was never any doubt
This was love to me