From the recording Home to Me

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Featuring Glen Alexander on violin, K deValk on harmony vocals, Donny Fletcher on drums, Dennis Neal electric guitar, Wane Marett on electric bass.


Not at This Moment

I can’t believe you just walked in through that door
Looking better than you’ve ever looked before
And I was just about to turn my life around
I start to go, then my heart makes that sound


Not at this moment
As you stand so close to me
Not at this moment
When you seem all that I could need
I know that I should walk away
And start my life anew
But not at this moment
When all I want is you

Looking back, maybe I was blind
All the pain, the half-truths and the lies
But they all vanish when you take my hand
I want to run, but I’m standing in quicksand



In an instant, the pain all disappears
With your sweet words whispered in my ears
Suddenly a gambler I’ve become
Willing to bet my heart that you’re still the one


Not at this moment
When all I want is you.