1. Pegasus

From the recording Home to Me

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Featuring K deValk on harmony vocals, Tom Hildreth on double bass, and Laurie Neal on flute.



Pegasus wandered on Mount Helicon
Where the muses would gather
To hear him sing songs
With wings made of silver
The tunes made of gold
Both ageless and timeless
Were the tales that he told


So Pegasus fly me away on your wings
When the songs become shackles
A singer can’t sing
A poet inspired
But lonesome am I
For I want the moon
But I can’t reach the sky

Now Pegasus majesty
Everyone claimed
Was boundless but yet
They bound him the same
In anger he rose
With a blow of his heel
Caused a great stream to rise
To the sky never seen


Then Pegasus bolted away
In the night
On a journey to end
Scattered light through the sky
When the stars reappear
You can see him again
Lighting the sky with his
Silvery wings


But I can’t reach the sky…