1. Morning Song

From the recording Home to Me

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Featuring Glen Alexander on violin, Donny Fletcher on drums, Jessica Lynn on harmony vocals, Dennis Neal on electric guitar, and Wane Marett on electric bass.


Morning Song

Love you rise to greet me
From a misty morning dream
Sunlight dancing on your hair
And waking to your warmth
I sometimes wonder how
I could ever leave your arms


Though I may wander
Like a lost and lonely child
My home will always be with you
And though the songs may be forgotten
One remains
This morning song that I sing just for you

And in the early afternoon
I find you on my mind
Like a gentle river there you flow
And if I close my eyes
Then I am by your side
And there’s no need to wonder why


So when you fold the night to rest
And hold me close to you
Singing soft a lover’s lullaby
Though with words unspoken
We’ll share our midnight dreams
Holding on until the morning light