From the recording Home to Me

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Featuring Glen Alexander on violin, Tom Hildreth on double bass, and Jessica Lynn on harmony vocals.


Crystal Glass of Romance

The faces smile in passing
Asking more than they do tell
A hand reached out is searching
Half the questions still withheld
And I think of all my memories
The loves that I have known
All the roads that I have traveled
For most were not alone


And if I never find another
Magic world of love again
I will still go on believing
Knowing full well where I've been
For I have tasted the wine
From a crystal glass of romance
I've known the warmth of love
As the snow lay on the ground
I have been a thousand times
Where some people only dream of
I've known the peace of mind
That the lonely never find

The eyes tell such a story
That the words never explain
The traces of the tears
Last a long time past the rain
There's a fear somewhere in all of us
Of things we've never seen
But when you've been somewhere in love
A part of you remains


To the lonely go my memories
With the secrets they contain
And to the ones who've lost their
Hope for life I give my dreams
For the wine may be expensive
And though bitter it may seem
When the cup is returned empty
To a world that's filled with rain
Even though the hand's left searching
At least it's touched the world
For dreamers all will tell you
What the world can do to dreams
But they can't destroy a memory
Or things the heart has seen
And the heart, my friend, remembers
Even longer than the dreams